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AM Belgium magnetic heads and sensors are used worldwide by millions each day. Over and over again… Let us surprise you with the applications:

Audio sector

AM Belgium: the ultimate manufacturer of dedicated Magnetic Audio Tape Heads

Since the early beginning of AM Belgium in 1969 we’ve been and still are building audio tape heads.

A specialty that has become very rare these days.

Although that apart from the replacement Studer and Revox heads we never stopped developing new type of audio heads.

Not only as a replacement for the next historic magnetic head that becomes obsolete, also for the latest new build reel to reel. In both cases the many tape loving audio enthusiasts and studios are the winners. AM Belgium plays a crucial role in archiving tape and film.

In need of magnetic heads or sensors?

We have over 5000 models of magnetic heads on file. For any requirement contact us, most likely we are able to help you.

Curious about our products?

Do you have one of these applications and are you looking for the right products for it?

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