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We manufacture a vast range of magnetic heads so we can only provide details of a few of them here. If you cannot see what you are looking for then please contact us with your requirements.

Magnetic heads

Soft / Ceramic

Apart from standard soft surface magnetic heads, AM Belgium has his own in-house ceramic coating capability. This is an absolute plus in avoiding the mechanical wear of paper ticket applications. 

We are not afraid to say that apart from AM Belgium you will find nowhere in the world a ceramic head with a lower surface porosity. A low ceramic surface porosity is the guaranty for an extreme long lifetime in the best possible sustained functionality. 

AM Belgium, magnetic card reader head

Core Material

Using the correct core material is crucial for a magnetic head. Not only for the optimal electric properties, but since magnetic heads are an in-contact component, the hardness of the material has an important influence on the magnetic heads life time. The AM Belgium sales and engineering team is ready to assist you in choosing the right core material for your heads and application.


Magnetic heads and sensors can vary in number of tracks. AM Belgium has built over the years magnetic heads and sensors with 1 up to 192 and even more tracks according, if needed, ISO or any other standardized layout. Whatever is needed to read or write your ticket, tape or banknote, AM Belgium can develop and build you the perfect read, write or erase component.


Magnetic heads are clacified in low coercivity, LoCo (+/-700 Oersted) and high coercivity, HiCo (+/- 4000 Oersted). Inbetween you have what is commonly called banking HiCo (+/-2750 Oersted). AM Belgium is able to design, build and supply you magnetic heads in the coercivity needed for your application. Even if you want to upgrade your installation from LoCo to HiCo, AM Belgium is able to upgrade the required magnetic head as well.


Replacement Tape Heads

AM Belgium has developed a range of replacement heads for some high-quality reel-to-reel machines. These heads can be standard straight or butterfly. Core material can be Mu-metal or Vitrovac.

If not available from stock, we will be glad to start a minimal production series for you starting from your specifications or a sample. Ask our team for the minimal production quantity of your magnetic head.

Customer Dedicated Design

Starting from customer specifications, a sample or just a great idea, we at AM Belgium are keen on building your dedicated audio tape head. Supports, assemblies, shields and adjustment systems can be incorporated in the project.

Reconditioning and Relapping

All too often tape heads are qualified by their users as gone when they show a high level of wear. At AM Belgium we offer you the service of reconditioning and/or relapping your precious audio heads. Ask our sales team for the assessment procedure and prices.


What is it?

Apart from reading and writing information on ticket or tape, magnetic reading technology is ideal for detecting the magnetic properties on most currency banknotes.

Over the last 25 years AM Belgium has developed, manufactured and sold magnetic sensors for banknote applications.

Today AM Belgium is on the forefront of the latest developments in this very specific niche market. 

No matter the used technology approach is inductive, magneto resistive (MR) or tunneling magneto resistive (TMR), we at AM Belgium will provide you the perfect dedicated sensor to your secure banknote application.

Manufacturing Services

After almost half a decade in manufacturing magnetic heads for different industries and customers all around the globe, AMB decided to offer its expertise in fine electronics and material processing / machning to the market.

Early 2016 SUBERO was incorporated to make this dream come true.

Our engineering staff, production operators and operations team are highly skilled and specialized in their specific core tasks. If it is wiring of miniature coils, cable harness assembly, ceramic coating, surface or profile grinding and milling of complex metal pieces, prototyping, small series, (sub) - assemblies,....  we always go for the best possible result.

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