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Application Financial\nTMR Sensor Banknote

What is it?

Apart from reading and writing information on ticket or tape, magnetic reading technology is ideal for detecting the magnetic properties on most currency banknotes.

Over the last 25 years AM Belgium has developed, build and sold magnetic sensors for banknote applications.

Even today AMB is on the forefront of the latest developments in this very specific niche market. 

No matter the used technology approach is inductive, magneto resistive (MR) or tunneling magneto resistive (TMR), we at AMB will provide you the perfect dedicated sensor to your application.

The advantages

We, at AM Belgium, are engineering and development driven. We like to approach your project as ours. This has important advantages for you being our customers.

We listen to your needs.

Our sales team is used to listen to what customers require. Based upon your feedback they will discuss this with engineering and production and follow up every step of your project. They also will bring you in contact with the right engineering colleague at the right time.

We think alike.

The technical design and development discussions are done by your and our application engineers.

Quality and service at a realistic price.

At the beginning of each project our sales team will give you a realistic price for the whole project. No hidden costs or unexpected surprises.

About us

AM Belgium established in 1969, now a Belgian Independant company, designs and manufactures professional magnetic heads for various applications.

Over the years AM Belgium developed its own in-house capability to design, prototype, manufacture and market professional magnetic heads for a large variety of applications.

Since 1969

Quality product

In-house capability

Skilled & dedicated team


Magnetic Detection Capability

AM Belgium was contacted by a company that produces banknote validators which are installed in payment terminals in off street parking, public transport, vending, gaming, etc, devices.

They wanted to add a magnetic detection capability to their validators.

AM Belgium has developed the perfect simple sensor for this solution. Our Romanian production site is ideally placed to build this sensor cost efficient in larger numbers.  

Multi-Channel Banknote Sensor

AM Belgium was contacted by a company that manufactures cash deposit machines. They needed an upgrade on the magnetic discriminating capabilities of their banknote verification unit.

Together with the customers' R&D, the engineers of AM Belgium have developed the perfect short- and long edge multi- channel sensor that gives the customer the opportunity to compare the magnetic signal of each individual banknote and sort genuine from counterfeit.

Thanks to AM Belgium production capacities, our customer can place his machines on the top level of their niche market. Over and over again… 

Magnetic Image Sensor

AM Belgium was contacted by a company that needed to verify the magnetic properties of banknotes at the highest possible speed and level of discrimination.

The AM Belgium engineers came to the conclusion that the best way to do this is to develop a sensor that can detect a magnetic image at speeds up to 10 meters per second.

Thanks to AM Belgiums' highly skilled workers this cutting edge sensors with 192 channels (and even more) proved to be an excellent tool for our customer keeping up the highest level of required quality.

 A masterpiece !

In need of magnetic heads or sensors?

Contact us with your requirements or mail a picture of the head and we will match it to one of our own.

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